I’m to be published on Mookychick!

June 16, 2008

Listening To: Alina Simone – Day Glow Avenue

I emailed the editors at Mookychick this morning about an article idea. They got back to me right away- they want me! Plus, I told them about that interview I did with Amanda Palmer for Jill Pushed Jack and they said they would publish it this Wednesday! They’re also interested in the interview I did with Florida tattoo artist Deana Lippens. Good stuff!

I’m glad that the work I did on Jill Pushed Jack isn’t going to waste. I’m sure some of the articles won’t ever see the light of day again but what I can get published elsewhere, I’ll be happy with.

I’m not going to unveil the article I’m writing for Mookychick just yet. I’ll just wait until it’s published and then post the link. I should likely work on that and send it in tomorrow, as tomorrow is my day off. I haven’t heard from the myUsearch people in a couple days so I’m guessing I won’t need to work on any articles there for a few days. I just sent one in late last week, so I’m fine there.

I’m quite excited about this. It’s not a paying gig- but that’s not the point. Published is published. Plus, the site is amazing. I can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled on it before yesterday.

I fully intend on having one of the most impressive résumés in my Journalism class when I start in September. I think being in a room of writers might spark the competitiveness in me. Actually, maybe that competitiveness is already awake, since I don’t even know any of my classmates yet and I already want to be appear better than them. Does that make me ambitious or obnoxious?

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