My newest article for myUsearch was published today. It’s the first of two articles on packing for college, the second one concentrating on what not to bring to college with you. I hope to have that finished and submitted for review shortly.

As for this one, you can check it out by clicking here: Packing For College (Part 1 of 2): 25 Must-Haves.

My newest article for the myUsearch blog article has been published: Journalism Degrees for a Web 2.0 Generation. I’m quite proud of this article since it required more research than most of the articles I do for the website.

One of my very favorite blogs out there, Green Student U, has featured an entry and a link to my “Green Careers For a Greener Planet” article I did for the myUsearch blog. Thanks Trish! 😀

Click here to check it out.

My newest article for the myUsearch blog, Green Careers For A Greener Planet, has been published. This article includes prospects of the future in environmental careers and information on five careers and where to study for them.