My newest article for myUsearch, “My Freshman Fears & Concerns”, has been published. Here’s an excerpt:

“First of all, I’m a small town girl. I’ve always lived in a very small community- we’re talking a couple hundred people, at the most. (For the record, these people who say they grew up in a small town of 20,000 have no idea what a small town even is.) The city I’m moving to isn’t exactly huge, to say the least, but it’s still a lot bigger than the place I’m living in now. Keep in mind, I may be from a small town but I have never belonged in a small town. Yes, I may be a little fish but I’m in need of a much bigger pond…”

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Oh my!

August 16, 2008

Now, I hope I’m not jumping the gun here since something like this once happened before… but I can’t help it. I’m just too excited. I’m not gonna go into details right now, but I will say this:

There is a good chance that I’m going to be published in a magazine.

Oh, my, yes.

My newest article at the myUsearch blog is “Where To Buy & Rent Textbooks Online”. Here is an excerpt:

Textbooks are expensive. Everyone knows this. A recent survey stated that the average student pays between $700 and $1000 per year for textbooks. Paying hundreds of dollars for a single textbook is bad enough, but when a student has to buy several books, it adds a big chunk of money to pay- in addition to tuition, residence fees and other mounting costs. To save some money, students can buy used textbooks from other students and sometimes from the college’s bookstore. However, the modern way of dealing with textbook prices is to head online. Read entire article.

The second part to my two-part series on myUsearch has been published:

Packing For College (Part 2 of 2): 25 Items NOT To Bring.

This morning, I emailed the office of a monthly newspaper in Charlottetown to see if they accept internships in the Spring. If I could stay in Charlottetown to do my internship, that would be preferable. I’m honestly a big fan of this paper so if I could spend four weeks there, that would just make my whole year.