My newest blog entry for myUsearch has been published: Best Sites For College Videos. Check it out!

Christmas is almost here, thankfully- cause this cookie is in need of some rest. Plus, I have that little thing coming up. It’s not really important. Except I’m going to- oh, yeah- NEW YORK CITY FOR NEW YEAR’S!

Yeah, that’s right. You can say you’re jealous. It’s OK, I would be too.

In other news, my ugly mug has been featured in a magazine. This time, it’s in a Canadian magazine for college-bound high school students. Career Options Magazine: High School Edition found me via Kill Jill Goes To College and asked me to write an article about my college experience thus far. It seems like decades since I wrote the thing (and submitted a photo of myself, one taken by a classmate named Samantha MacKinnon). I asked the person from the website to send my contributor’s copies to my home instead of here at school because I wasn’t sure if I’d still be here when they got to me.

Well, they arrived in the mail today. Mom and Dad are both very proud. I guess the photo of me takes up an entire page, which is a little daunting. I’m just grateful the photo is a good one of me. The article is called “A Blogger Goes To College.”

The website has the article up on its website in PDF form and can be viewed here.