I’ve been added to the blogging staff at College Jolt, a great little blog website with lots of fun articles and useful advice. My column is called “College Insider” and my first post with them, Dealing With Arrogant Professors, was published yesterday. Check it out!

Two articles in The Buzz!

January 3, 2009

I was assigned an article for monthly Charlottetown arts newspaper The Buzz: do an interview with Rawlins Cross lead singer Joey Kitson in honour of the recently released compilation album and band reunion. After some phone tag and a very brief interview, I submitted my second article. It was published in the music section and you can see the finished product online here: Rawlins Cross reunion: Folk rock band reunites in support of Anthology album.

I submitted a second article after an email interview with Canadian comedy legend Jeremy Hotz. To my surprise, it was published in this month’s issue as well! Hurrah! You can check it out online here: What a Miserable Tour: Comedian Jeremy Hotz to appear at Confed’ Centre.