‘Seedy Saturday’ a celebration of local food, farming, flowers and community

March 27, 2009

ONSLOW – When Janet McNeil started growing organic food four years ago, it changed her life – or at least her taste buds.
And the Onslow resident doesn’t plan on going back to conventionally-grown vegetables any time soon.
“If you try an organically-grown apple and then one that’s not, you can’t see much difference,” McNeil explained.
“But if you’ve been eating organic for several months and then you try a conventional one, you might find it has a slight chemical taste or less flavour.”
McNeil is one of the many Colchester County farmers who will be attending Seedy Saturday, an all-day celebration of local food, farming, flowers and community in Truro.
Last year’s event was a great success, said McNeil, a 35-year-old married mother with one child.
“It was well- attended and vibrant with lots of familiar faces. Lots of happy people. Energetic people and people excited about spring.”
This year’s event, which actually starts this evening at 7 p.m., will feature local vendors, a performance by ukulele and cello musicians James Hill and Anne Davidson, a seed exchange, a food film festival, discussions on global and local food issues and activities for the kids.
And attendance is expected to increase now that more people know what the event is all about – buying locally-grown food, organically-grown fruits and vegetables and family fun.
McNeil said she’ll be there again this year.
“I do baking, as well, with organic ingredients and I’ll be bringing some of that along. And some eggs from organically-fed hens.”
All activities are free and all are welcome. Donations for Seeds of Survival are encouraged.

(This was published in the March 27, 2009 edition of the Truro Daily News.)

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