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April 10, 2009


Dog doing fine after eye removal surgery and wandering away from home late last year

NOEL – It’s been a few months since Maggie the blind dog wandered away from her home at Foggy Hollow Farm in Noel, Nova Scotia.
The 14-year-old Boston Bull Terrier returned after 11 days, weighing five kilograms underweight. Maggie was treated at the Truro Veterinary Hospital by Dr. Gwen Mowbray-Cashen.
‘The Grand Old Lady of Foggy Hollow’, as owner Marjorie Densmore affectionately nicknamed her, still resides at her owners’ commercial flower farm.
Maggie rules the roost at Foggy Hollow but had both eyes removed because of an ulcer on one and the risk of ulcer to the other.
“She is now sightless,” Densmore said. “There was no sight before – they were just there.”
Densmore, a continuing care assistant at the Mira Nursing Home in Truro, still doesn’t know where Maggie wandered off to that day.
“Can you ask a dog?” she said with a laugh. “I know she was on the farm because the farm is 240 acres.”
While missing, Maggie bumped her head and damaged one of her eyes, causing a painful ulcer. She bumped it again after her return.
“She cried and cried,” Densmore said. “It was horrible.”
However, despite being blind and 14 (98 in dog years), Maggie is still a lady with a mind of her own.
“If she doesn’t want to do anything, she certainly won’t do it,” Densmore said with a snicker. “That part of her hasn’t changed.”
The only difference Densmore sees is Maggie’s unwillingness to lead with a leash. She plans to take her to a dog trainer and see if this problem can be fixed.
“If she won’t lead, that’s fine. She’s still the Grand Old Lady,” she added. “She can sit up on the couch and look pretty.”
Maggie’s determination, headstrong attitude and zest for life seems to be what’s keeping the old blind dog going.
“You make the decision – do you put her down or do you keep her?” Densmore commented. “And after her coming through so much, you don’t put her down. You do (your) best.”
Densmore has put a lot of money into Maggie’s health but knows she made the right decision.
“Would I do it again? Yes,” Densmore said firmly. “As far as the amount of money… If you sat back and thought how much in your head is she worth to you? Not in your pocketbook.”

(This story was written for the Truro Daily News but never made it to print.)

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