A long time ago (and in a galaxy far, far away), I did an interview with Alina Simone (check out her MySpace) for a website I once had called Jill Pushed Jack (now closed). The article was recently picked up by Dollymixture, a new online magazine for cool, alternative chicks. You can check out my article on page 18 of the premier issue.

I’ve also recently done two guest posts as a part of my myUsearch internship. The links for those are below.

deviantART recently released a new service and I’ve decided to take advantage of it.

Thus, I have a professional-looking photography portfolio. No doubt about it, it looks much better than my deviantART profile (although it’s quite nice too). And they only let you show so many photos so you have to show your very best work instead of every photo you’ve ever taken.

I’m going to add another category soon, likely called “Miscellaneous” or something like that, very soon. But for now, I present to you: my photography portfolio.

(One of these days I’ll learn how to give it its own domain under J-H.com… but not today.)

The Jackson 5I Want You Back

I’ve been in contact with one of my Journalism instructors from Holland College and he said he is “pretty certain” I’ll have a day internship in the fall. Not sure how long the internship is for (hopefully a couple months) but it’s a great opportunity. I’m not going to say where the internship is until I’m absolutely certain I’ll be there. But day internships are reserved for second-years in our program and there are only a few of them available. So, the fact that I was even considered for one is flattering.

But if this goes as planned, I will be a very happy little ducky indeed.

I made a new post on my blog at Macleans OnCampus. It’s another humor post. I seem to be doing a lot of those these days. But it’s good, I enjoy writing them.

This one is called “10 Commandments of the Summer Job”. Enjoy!

Also, I decided to remove the “Published” page from this blog. I haven’t updated it in ages. Besides, I post all my recently published stuff on here anyway. So, it’s not a big deal.

A few weeks ago, I finally added some content to the new-and-improved version of Jillianne-Hamilton.com. Today, I added a Testimonials page (under Misc.). I mostly added it for fun but if I ever get any more good quotes that say something about me, I’ll be sure to add them.

I also wrote a new post for the myUsearch blog: 12 Tips For Finding and Applying For Scholarships.

East Coast Overture

July 1, 2009

After months of research, work and preparation, my East Coast music website is finally finished. I’m so relieved to finally have it up and done. But I hope to add new reviews, articles, interviews and links at least once a week from now on.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping out with the project, please leave a comment with your contact info.

You can check out the site at the address below. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to email me.