My newest article for Mookychick was published on the site this morning: The Alternative Gal’s Guide To Choosing Glasses. I think it turned out looking pretty good.

I haven’t done a lot of fiction writing in the past few months but I have two small projects going right now. One is a stupid little college girl thing that I add to about once a week or so, one or two lines at a time. The other is a gothic-type story, written like a children’s chapter book but written for teens or adults. I’m going to illustrate that one too, even though my drawing skills aren’t what they used to be.

I submitted my newest article into myUsearch for review. I did a lot of work on it and I was happy when I got it finished. That one should be published on July 2nd. As for my next article, it’s not due until the 9th but I’ll probably have to do quite a bit more work on it before I can send it in. So, that one might be a challenge to write and research.

But you know me. I do like a challenge.