He’s one of the original cast members of CollegeHumor and his sketches are some of the funniest on the website. Check out some of my favorite videos featuring Mr. Streeter Seidell.

How did you get your start with CollegeHumor? Besides act in various skits, what exactly do you do for the site?
I started at CH by writing articles when I was still in college. I used to write a few a day and post them to the site. When I graduated they offered me a job. As for what I do at CH, I do a little bit of everything. I act, write sketches, write articles, come up with T-shirts and do the live shows. But along with Jeff, I run the editorial department of all CH sites which means I co-oversee our whole operation.

What character is your favorite to play?
If I got the chance to ever play Phantom, I think that would be my favorite.

Do you have a favorite CH skit you’ve been in? What would might it be and why?
I really like one Pat and I did called [“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell“]. Pat and I wrote it together after improvising this little scene on the set of a different video and I think it’s really funny. I really like the way it looks, too.

What did you learn while doing the short film Old Man and the Seymour?
I learned that when actors complain about being tired there is actually some truth to it. I was exhausted the whole time and I had always thought that was bullshit.

You’ve done some stand-up comedy in addition to your work with CollegeHumor. What techniques can you use in either domain? What are some challenges when it comes to doing stand-up?
I think the same rules for comedy apply to all different ways of performing or writing. You just need to do what you think is funny. When I have tried to change my voice to fit what I thought an audience wanted to hear, it didn’t work.

Do you have any tips for up-and-coming comedy writers?
You know, I get asked that a lot and I always say the same thing which feels like a cop out, but I really think it’s true. The best thing any aspiring writer can do, of any genre, is get his or her work out there. Nobody is going to come knocking on your door asking if you have any great ideas unless you give them a reason to show up. Everything I’ve done and hopefully will do is a result of just putting my stuff out into the world.

And lastly, after Amir’s latest prank, how do you feel about skydiving?
I still think skydiving is perhaps the most fun thing you can do in the world.

Check out Streeter’s page on CollegeHumor, follow him on Twitter, check out his blog or become a fan of him on Facebook.

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but soaking it in brine makes the heart far more delicious.” – Phantom of the Office

To see more Phantom of the Office stuff, check out his phat Tumblr page. Or follow him on Twitter. Or see his videos on CollegeHumor.

Describe your perfect date.
I’m honestly more of a prune man myself, but dates will do in a pinch.

What historical catastrophe, caused by you, are you most proud of?
I might have to say the Johnstown flood. Look it up.

If you were stranded on an island, what book, movie and food would you choose to have with you?
Funny you should say that. I was stranded on an island for some time in the mid-Atlantic. All I had with me was a Bible and thank God, because it truly was a miracle. Using its pages, I was able to start a signal fire that could be seen miles out to sea.

I have a new post at the Maclean’s OnCampus blog. I discuss the unfortunate events of 2009- and the very few good things that happened — 2009: A Year Dans Review.

On Monday, January 4th, 2010, I start a 4-week internship at the Sackville Tribune in Sackville, New Brunswick. I look forward to working in a new environment, meeting some new people and writing some new stories.

Happy New Year everyone!

[edit] The weather is just too horrible at the moment to attempt the trip from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. So, I hope to start my internship on Tuesday or Wednesday. [/edit]

I think it’s safe now.

September 19, 2009

So, I’ve previously mentioned on this blog that I’m up for an internship during the school year. Well, as it would turn out, I am, in fact, getting to do the internship. And I’m thrilled.

I start the internship at the Confederation Centre of the Arts next Monday (I think). I very much look forward to the opportunity and I expect to learn a lot while I’m there.

I also have a new post up at my Maclean’s OnCampus blog: Five reasons why going back to school sucks. (Don’t take it too seriously. It’s meant to be satire.)

I’ve started a second Twitter account (in addition to my account for East Coast Overture, I mean). This one is for my non-music related stuff: friends, random interests and, oddly enough, it’s also my professional blogging account. You can follow me at _jillianne_.

Today was my last day working for the college search website, myUsearch. I’ve been blogging for them since April 2008. This summer, I learned some online marketing tricks during an internship with them. It’s all definitely been a learning experience. It also taught me a lot about blogging. I may do a guest post for them once in a while but nothing major. So, thank you Elizabeth very much for the opportunity. It’s been wonderful working with you. Thanks a mill.

Lastly, I started another blog. (I’m sick, I know. I have a problem, I know. I should seek professional help for my addiction. I know.) I love lists. I love, love, love them. The new blog, Listlove, contains lists and nothing else. Maybe some humor. But mostly lists.

Kill Jill Goes To College was back online when I woke up the next morning. No worries.

As a part of my online internship with myUsearch, I did a guest post at MyCampusChronicles: “How to Avoid Scams When Job Hunting Online“. That can be found here.

My newest post for my blog at MacLeans OnCampus was published last night: How To Spot a College Student.

I’ve also started a home/dorm/decor/decorating/photography/whatever blog: My Kingdom for a Margarita.

I made a new post on my blog at Macleans OnCampus. It’s another humor post. I seem to be doing a lot of those these days. But it’s good, I enjoy writing them.

This one is called “10 Commandments of the Summer Job”. Enjoy!

Also, I decided to remove the “Published” page from this blog. I haven’t updated it in ages. Besides, I post all my recently published stuff on here anyway. So, it’s not a big deal.

Three new posts

June 20, 2009

I have 2 new posts published at the myUsearch blog, both concerning their recent scholarship contest. “Check out Meet Our Scholarship Winner, Chelsea Lorimor!” and “Does the SAT/ACT Measure Me? The Students’ Perspective“.

Also, I’ve done three posts for my Maclean’s OnCampus blog (That’s What Jill Said) but I think my latest is worth showing off: College: Lies You Should Tell Your Parents.

Two articles in The Buzz!

January 3, 2009

I was assigned an article for monthly Charlottetown arts newspaper The Buzz: do an interview with Rawlins Cross lead singer Joey Kitson in honour of the recently released compilation album and band reunion. After some phone tag and a very brief interview, I submitted my second article. It was published in the music section and you can see the finished product online here: Rawlins Cross reunion: Folk rock band reunites in support of Anthology album.

I submitted a second article after an email interview with Canadian comedy legend Jeremy Hotz. To my surprise, it was published in this month’s issue as well! Hurrah! You can check it out online here: What a Miserable Tour: Comedian Jeremy Hotz to appear at Confed’ Centre.

Christmas is almost here, thankfully- cause this cookie is in need of some rest. Plus, I have that little thing coming up. It’s not really important. Except I’m going to- oh, yeah- NEW YORK CITY FOR NEW YEAR’S!

Yeah, that’s right. You can say you’re jealous. It’s OK, I would be too.

In other news, my ugly mug has been featured in a magazine. This time, it’s in a Canadian magazine for college-bound high school students. Career Options Magazine: High School Edition found me via Kill Jill Goes To College and asked me to write an article about my college experience thus far. It seems like decades since I wrote the thing (and submitted a photo of myself, one taken by a classmate named Samantha MacKinnon). I asked the person from the website to send my contributor’s copies to my home instead of here at school because I wasn’t sure if I’d still be here when they got to me.

Well, they arrived in the mail today. Mom and Dad are both very proud. I guess the photo of me takes up an entire page, which is a little daunting. I’m just grateful the photo is a good one of me. The article is called “A Blogger Goes To College.”

The website has the article up on its website in PDF form and can be viewed here.