PeaceOwl and more

September 9, 2010

Holy molars. I can’t believe I haven’t updated since May. Wow. That’s quite impressive. I didn’t do a huge amount of writing over the summer because I was busy working full-time and hanging out with friends, but I have a few articles and a project that I can show off here today. 🙂

The main project I finished this summer was the peace-lovin’ 1960s history-learnin’ blog, PeaceOwl. It was debuted on August 15th, the 41st anniversary of Woodstock. Includes book and movie reviews, photos from now and the past, green news, interviews (coming soon!) and more. You can get updates about PeaceOwl by following @_PeaceOwl_ on Twitter. If you’re interested in helping out with the blog, email me at with your name and blog post idea.

I also have another article published at TalentEgg: LAUNCH: A Student Survival Guide to Summer Concerts and Festivals.

I also reunited with the myUsearch blog (my old stomping ground) to do a two-part series on packing for college:

And yesterday, I started the Interactive Multimedia program at Holland College in Charlottetown, the same school I graduated from in May. I look forward to developing my craft and combining it with my writing skills and seeing where it takes me.

An update!

May 2, 2010

Well, I’m officially finished Journalism at Holland College. Two internships completed successfully. Graduation is slated for May 21st.

I made an update to my résumé on this blog, as I’m now working for Apple as a technical support advisor. I’m in training for three weeks before I get to don the headset.

A bunch more of my articles and reviews have been published at TalentEgg‘s LAUNCH. Choose from any of the links below to check them out. redesign

March 17, 2010

As the title says, I’ve redesigned I like it. It’s both pretty, practical, simple and displays my various websites and blogs to my liking. Feel free to shower me with compliments.

I’ve also started a travel blog called Jaunt. The following links are my posts there, so far.

I also have a new post at TalentEgg LAUNCH: How to Rock a Tattoo in the Workplace

Two more at TalentEgg!

March 1, 2010

This new gig at TalentEgg’s LAUNCH seems to be going quite well. I recently had two new articles published.

I’m especially proud of the second article, as some of my best photos act as visual stimulation for the reader.

I’m currently working on a redesign of I think I’ve come up with a better, more efficient way of showcasing all my different blogs and websites on one screen without the visitor having to search through a bunch of links.

Plus, I’ve been tooling around with a new image editing program, so that’s always fun.

Until next time- tally ho!

Post at Simply Bags

September 13, 2009

I wrote a post for Simply Bags, a website that sells personalized tote bags. (They really do have some beautiful bags. I have one of the black and white damask bags with Jillianne on the side!)

Anyway, I wrote this post for their blog, titled What Every Student Should Have In Their Bag.

My newest article for Mookychick was published on the site this morning: The Alternative Gal’s Guide To Choosing Glasses. I think it turned out looking pretty good.

I haven’t done a lot of fiction writing in the past few months but I have two small projects going right now. One is a stupid little college girl thing that I add to about once a week or so, one or two lines at a time. The other is a gothic-type story, written like a children’s chapter book but written for teens or adults. I’m going to illustrate that one too, even though my drawing skills aren’t what they used to be.

I submitted my newest article into myUsearch for review. I did a lot of work on it and I was happy when I got it finished. That one should be published on July 2nd. As for my next article, it’s not due until the 9th but I’ll probably have to do quite a bit more work on it before I can send it in. So, that one might be a challenge to write and research.

But you know me. I do like a challenge.