I’ve got two more blog posts published at LAUNCH.

CBC reporter Brendan Elliott was late for an interview with the Souris mayor.

Desperate for the mayor’s contact info, Elliott sent out a plea on Twitter.

“Literally within five minutes, I had a direct message back with the new mayor’s home number,” Elliott said. “The message came from one of my followers who lives in Charlottetown, but is from Souris.”

Elliott uses Twitter for three things.

“It’s a way to find out what’s going on in my community, a way to let people know breaking news as soon as it happens and a Rolodex of contacts that I can reach out to when a story breaks.”

Twitter has provided Elliott with several story ideas. A recent example was when word broke about Google Maps Street View being available in P.E.I.

“Word spread quickly on Twitter that various spots on P.E.I. could be found.”

Elliott pitched the idea the next morning.

“We were the first media organization reporting on the Street View story.”

He reached out to real estate agent Joel Ives, who was discussing the topic on Twitter and invited him to do an interview on Island Morning.

“All of this was possible because I am active on Twitter.”

Twitter also allows Elliott to let his “followers” know breaking news when it happens.

“I live-tweet from the legislature as well as various city or town council meetings around the province,” he said.

Many of his followers are political junkies who crave news from various arenas. Twitter allows them to get these tidbits almost instantly from Elliott when he’s out in the field, he said.

“I also have my Twitter feed linked through GPS so people can tell where I’m tweeting from when I tweet.”

Some small-town newsrooms are hesitant to start using new media and social networking. Being connected to the community is essential for local media outlets, Elliott said.

“I really feel like I have a sense of community with the people I follow and who follow me.”

Still, Elliott is one of the only CBC reporters who uses Twitter on a regular basis.

“I see it as an advantage over other journalists in the building,” he said. “Essentially, it’s a bit of an exclusive network for me to gather story ideas and to also share stories I have written.”

But developing a personality on Twitter can take some effort, Elliott said. You get out of it what you put into it.

“The more I tweet, the more comments I receive from my followers and the more incentive I have to write more,” he said. “The more I can be relied upon to provide breaking news, the more people will want to follow me. So, it really is only as useful as the person wants it to be.”

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Two more at TalentEgg!

March 1, 2010

This new gig at TalentEgg’s LAUNCH seems to be going quite well. I recently had two new articles published.

I’m especially proud of the second article, as some of my best photos act as visual stimulation for the reader.

I’m currently working on a redesign of J-H.com. I think I’ve come up with a better, more efficient way of showcasing all my different blogs and websites on one screen without the visitor having to search through a bunch of links.

Plus, I’ve been tooling around with a new image editing program, so that’s always fun.

Until next time- tally ho!

I’ve started a second Twitter account (in addition to my account for East Coast Overture, I mean). This one is for my non-music related stuff: friends, random interests and, oddly enough, it’s also my professional blogging account. You can follow me at _jillianne_.

Today was my last day working for the college search website, myUsearch. I’ve been blogging for them since April 2008. This summer, I learned some online marketing tricks during an internship with them. It’s all definitely been a learning experience. It also taught me a lot about blogging. I may do a guest post for them once in a while but nothing major. So, thank you Elizabeth very much for the opportunity. It’s been wonderful working with you. Thanks a mill.

Lastly, I started another blog. (I’m sick, I know. I have a problem, I know. I should seek professional help for my addiction. I know.) I love lists. I love, love, love them. The new blog, Listlove, contains lists and nothing else. Maybe some humor. But mostly lists.

Kill Jill Goes To College was back online when I woke up the next morning. No worries.

As a part of my online internship with myUsearch, I did a guest post at MyCampusChronicles: “How to Avoid Scams When Job Hunting Online“. That can be found here.

My newest post for my blog at MacLeans OnCampus was published last night: How To Spot a College Student.

I’ve also started a home/dorm/decor/decorating/photography/whatever blog: My Kingdom for a Margarita.

East Coast Overture

July 1, 2009

After months of research, work and preparation, my East Coast music website is finally finished. I’m so relieved to finally have it up and done. But I hope to add new reviews, articles, interviews and links at least once a week from now on.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping out with the project, please leave a comment with your contact info.

You can check out the site at the address below. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to email me.


So, I’m not 100% up-to-date on posting my articles that I did for Truro Daily. But I’ll get those posted. Eventually.

Anyway, my 2 newest posts for the myUsearch blog were published on April 27th and April 30th.

I was catching up on some work at school this afternoon and I grabbed an issue of UPEI’s paper (The Panther Post) on my way out. Low and behold, two of my stories were inside: “Facebook bans photos of mothers breastfeeding” and “Woman who sold virginity in online bid could have relationship problems in the future: UPEI prof”.

Both articles can be found in the March 4, 2009 edition. (Click here to visit the University of Prince Edward Island website.)

My recent post for myUsearch was published on Friday (E-Textbooks: The Way of The Future?) and my recent post for College Jolt was published this morning (College Insider: Helping An Alcoholic Friend). Check ’em out!