Three new posts

June 20, 2009

I have 2 new posts published at the myUsearch blog, both concerning their recent scholarship contest. “Check out Meet Our Scholarship Winner, Chelsea Lorimor!” and “Does the SAT/ACT Measure Me? The Students’ Perspective“.

Also, I’ve done three posts for my Maclean’s OnCampus blog (That’s What Jill Said) but I think my latest is worth showing off: College: Lies You Should Tell Your Parents.

I did a guest post (for myUsearch) and it was recently published on CampusCompare. You can check it out at the link below.

Spotting a Good Fit on a Campus Visit

I did a guest post (for the myUsearch blog) for (or, more specifically, their blog). Check it out if you wanna.

Speaking of myUsearch, I’ve accepted the position of summer intern for the website. I’ll be doing odd jobs, helping out with site traffic and that kinda stuff. I’ll continue writing a few articles over the summer too. But it’ll be something else to add to ye olde résumé.

A column I wrote for this week’s issue of The Surveyor (due out this Thursday!) was also featured as a guest post at Tudor Stuff, a lovely Tudor history blog. Click here to read King Henry… The Great?.

I recently said I had too much on my plate and shouldn’t accept any more offers to write for any more sites, especially ones that didn’t pay. But here I am again. I’ve agreed to contribute to a Halifax arts website (currently under construction- I’ll add the link later), music articles mostly, I guess. Which is good, because that’s what I want to write.

Also, I’ve been contacted by a new college site called Dorms 101 about writing pop culture articles. I’m pretty excited about this because they said they like my witty style of writing- it happens to be my favorite style to write in. So, that’s always good. With the school year coming to an end, I’ll have more time to write for these various publications now.

I think I’ll also start working on my big music website project this summer too. Maybe put the site together, get some interviews done, articles written, albums reviewed, links posted, etc. I’m a little a-feared of the idea of re-learning some HTML stuff but I’ll likely end up redesigning the site again after I’ve taken Interactive Multimedia, here at Holland College (after Journalism, that is). But I still want it to look nice before then. I’m just really excited about it!

Oh. Almost forgot. My clip-folio is on it’s way to being put together. Good for me!