To find out more about me, visit these websites:

+ Jillianne-Hamilton.com : My online portfolio. Includes my résumé, my published work, my biography and contact information.

+ Jillianne Hamilton (FB page) : Stay updated with my publications on Facebook.

+ @_Jillianne_ : Follow me on Twitter.

+ Photography Portfolio : My best photos, categorized.

+ Kill Jill Goes To College : My college blog. Includes my personal experiences with college as well as articles and helpful links and resources.

+ Jaunt : A travel blog. Photography, travel resources, tips and more.

+ Scripts & Lights : A movie review blog.

+ East Coast Overture : A website focused on promoting musicians from the Atlantic Provinces while helping the writers who listen to their music.

+ The East Coast Overture Blog : The companion blog to the website above.

+ deviantART Profile : My photos, organized into categories.

+ My Kingdom For a Margarita : Home decor/pretty stuff blog.

+ Flogalicious : A directory for blog fiction, created and maintained by yours truly. (Kept online but no longer updated.)

+ Whyte Books : A fiction blog that I co-write with a friend, based on the BBC sitcom Black Books. (On hiatus.)

+ Holland College Journalism : The program I’m in right now.

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